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THIS IS THE CIVIL RIGHT’S FIGHT OF OUR GENERATION! A Literal Fight for our children’s freedom, faith, prosperity and hope.


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Lately the Society of College Medicine has been looking into a disturbing trend. That being, an attempt to inject a radicalized form of DEI, CRT (Critical Race Theory) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) into schools by way of Guidance Counselors. Now, Guidance Counselors have always been a students’ best friend. In the past, a Guidance Counselor, or School Guidance Counselor, provided advice and helpful resources to students regarding certain personal and/or academic situations. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

Their main duties included offering counseling to students or Teachers, conducting group counseling sessions to help students develop their personal and academic skills and providing career advice and guidance to high school students. Now, much of that job responsibility has stayed the same. BUT—there are a handful of Guidance Counselor organizations who have gone WOKE and are attempting to inject CRT principles into the day to day job duties of GCs.

What to look out for? If your school has never done much, or any, work with a particular Guidance Counselor focused organization in the past, than be on the lookout for the following red flags.

  1. Their organization has partnered with, or sponsored solely, conferences that focus on Critical Race Theory (CRT). See ASCA/NICA Seminar Series on CRT.
  2. The organization mentions troubling, unproven rhetoric on their website promoting “systemic” injustices, white privilege or other disturbing nuances.
  3. The organization has a FAQ page on their website designed to promote and support Critical Race Theory (CRT).
  4. The organization has published “talking points” for educators and guidance counselors in terms of Critical Race THEORY (CRT).

The Danger?

The initial “consulting” or “training” work these organizations may conduct might appear trivial. For example, training that deals with time management or using a new piece of software. No harm in that right? Wrong! Consider this, once they receive that first small contract, they are now an “approved vendor” of that school district which can cause a lot of pain/agony/tears down the road.

For the School Board & Executive Team

Explain to this group of individuals (and the students) that you fully support the role(s) of traditional Guidance Counselors. They have ALWAYS been an intimate and important mechanism within the confines of education. Nothing should change. But—you do not support the “overall” mission and “long term” focus of that particular organization. The School District does not want the “fox to guard the hen house.” And, to be sure, that is exactly what’s happening. We have seen many DEI directors and CRT proponents, begin to recommend certain radicalized Guidance Counselor organizations to the Executive Team and SD. They are asking them to do a “small” initial slice of work. When, in reality, they are playing the “long game.” The goal is to NEVER let these organizations into the building in the first place.


Woke Math? K-12 CRT/DEI is quite literally killing mathematical minds; how sensationally foolish. A mathematical brain is a tremendous gift. This “march to mediocrity” is Un-American, simplistic and extremely dangerous. MANY students and parents are very upset, rightfully so. To handcuff a mathematical mind is similar to handcuffing a shooting star……. If your school is even remotely considering this path, please notify the Society of College Medicine immediately. Read the following thought provoking and powerful article by clicking here:


Civil Rights Superstar Alveda King

The Society of College Medicine is proud to support civil rights leaders, such the great Alveda King, in regards to her fight against the bias/racist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools. Question… Are you worried poisonous CRT might be infiltrating your school? Email and tell us your concerns. Also, students/teachers can anonymously email in order to report the potential red flag violations triggered by the presence of CRT. We will assist you Pro Bono.

7/2/2021 – How do you know something is “wrong?”

For K-12 Schools: Five (5) quick and sure ways to tell if something is inherently wrong at your school district:

1. Your school board meetings have turned into yelling matches between 2 sides.

2. You see racist/bias reading materials (primarily CRT) listed in a Diversity/DEI Reading list.

3. You feel a new type of “tension” on school grounds and in the classroom.

4. Teachers notice that some groups of students are noticeably quiet and not as engaged as before.

5. Censorship is being applied on school grounds, local school district social media groups and/or School Board Meetings.

6/15/2021 – Freedom of Speech & Expression

The Society of College Medicine has added more schools to the “Racism Awareness & Watch List” for supporting CRT and other similar, hurtful ideologies. The Society continues to promote peace, harmony and above all, science.

The Society rejects ALL forms of racism and bigotry. Our ultimate aspiration is the promotion of pure Science thru Global STEM/STEAM Partnership’s and endeavors. As mentioned last month, the Society has changed the metric system of it’s Power Rankings to include, in a negative viewpoint, any schools who teach radical, racist theories such as CRT and others.

Above: A recent student letter pointing out the mental and emotional issues of CRT.

In a new memo, The Society is also now adding schools who violate freedom of speech/expression, to the overall Power Ranking metric as well. Simply put, schools who do not have the dignity to allow students freedom of expression/speech on campus, or who are afraid to be intellectually honest enough to allow ALL forms of speakers share beliefs, are doing their students a cognitive disservice from an intellectual standpoint. Hence, this must be taken into account in terms of the Power Ranking System. An updated graphic showing the 2021 criteria can be seen below.

6/07/2021 – Racist Ideology such CRT has NO place in our Schools. NEW Power Ranking Criteria Announced.

The Society of College Medicine has a lofty goal for 2021-2022; END ALL FORMS of RACISM in Higher Education & K-12 Classrooms across the USA. Racism has NO place in Higher Education; if we indeed still have something called “Higher” Education…. And, OBVIOUSLY, this has no place in K-12 either… Though, harmful ideology such as CRT is pushing that envelope…. We have a department set up specifically to combat racist professors, institutions that shield them and those that promote racist ideology such as CRT…..In short, ALL FORMS of Racism needs to be condemned…. School needs to be a safe and welcoming place. We do not judge. It is OUR responsibility to protect ALL students from racism and hateful rhetoric.